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Find out if NLB Memberships are a good fit for YOU!

By NLB, 10/06/17, 2:30PM CDT


Program and Lesson Discounts, HitTrax, and Position Specific Classes

All registrations for Nevers Larkin Baseball's Off-Season training are open and we have already had a number of registrations, including sign-ups for our membership offering. Memberships are new to our facility so we thought it would be beneficial to help paint a picture of who we had in mind when creating this opportunity.

NLB Memberships


Players who have participated in NLB's Advanced Training Program were one of the first people we had in mind when deciding to create a membership option. ATP goers are some of our most dedicated and hard working players in our program. Many of them continue to use the facility access well after our group training sessions end in mid-March. It is not uncommon for ATP participants to use up their 16 lessons by mid-March and continue to purchase lessons throughout the rest of the spring, summer, and fall leading up to the next off-season with us. We wanted to offer these players more of an opportunity to maximize their development with us by providing data driven HitTrax, position specific classes as well as significant discounts on the programs and lessons they were already purchasing. We feel that our 6 and 12 month membership options are choices for our ATP participants who receive $1,000 off the cost of ATP, $30 lessons once they have used their 16, and more time working with our coaches throughout the year. We are also offering a no lesson ATP option for the first time this year, where players are able to attend ATP group hitting and fielding sessions for half the price. Members can get this program for only $500. 

Lesson Junkies

Another group of players we had in mind were the ones who purchase multiple lesson packages throughout the year. We have many families who purchase 3-5 lesson packages in a calendar year. All members receive $30 half hour lessons. Not only is this a great deal for members, but it creates a better avenue for training in between lessons. Many of our lesson goers need to spend more time practicing their skills in between lessons but we weren't offering a simple way to accomplish this at our facility. Baseball is a very difficult game both mentally and physically, and private lessons as the only mode of practice makes development a much slower process. 

Members get access to our facility by scheduling tunnel and mound time through Appointment-Plus, our online scheduling system. Members will have access to these rentals during our hours of operation. They will also be able to attend position specific classes through the off-season on a weekly basis. These classes will be run by NLB instructors. This is a huge way to boost the volume of reps lesson goers can get which will undoubtedly maximize their one on one time spent with their instructor during private instruction.


We also recognize that many of the families that are getting multiple lesson packages with our instructors, often have multiple children participating in lessons at our facility. We offer 50% memberships for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc... child of each family. You can receive this discount by emailing Cass Kreitlow at


When considering the future of Nevers Larkin Baseball and ensuring that our players receive the best opportunity to develop and have success, adding HitTrax to our facility was a no-brainer. Members receive exclusive HitTrax usage starting Nov. 1. If you are interested in getting preview of HitTrax, email Cass Kreitlow at to learn more about baseball's best development system.

HitTrax is a data driven gaming system that allows players to train and compete while receiving objective feedback on things like launch angle and exit velocity, while also telling players where they make contact in relation to plate. Other helpful information includes incoming pitch speed before the ball is batted, as well as where the pitch was located and the end result of the swing. The system requires some input from the user such as age level and height which helps it to calculate if a batted ball resulted in an out or hit, or whether the pitch thrown was a strike or not. These are all very exciting tools when we consider how to approach helping players improve their swings. But hitters aren't the only ones that benefit.

HitTrax also has the ability to measure pitching. It tracks pitch velocity and pitch location while including the path the ball took to get to home plate. Not only will this be resourceful in helping to develop pitchers as a training tool, but it is also a way that we can create live situations where pitchers throw live to batters and HitTrax will output information for both players. Speaking of games situations, there is also a gaming mode that players can compete in.

There are several games that can be played on HitTrax. You can create a live situation between a pitcher and a batter or two like outlined above, or you can simply have batters play a game against one another facing batting practice. Heck, you can even do it off a tee if you wish. The best way to understand this part of the HitTrax system is to envision yourself being in MLB The Show. Let's call it, NLB, The Show. It's exactly what it feels like. But don't take my word for it, members have exclusive access to HitTrax starting Nov. 1 so don't miss out on baseball's best develop system and register to become a member today!