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NLB Testimonials

By Cass Kreitlow, 06/12/17, 8:15AM CDT


Listen to NLB players and parents and their thoughts on their training with Nevers Larkin Baseball

"Both Cass and Gene have exceeded my expectations.  Especially in a day and age where everyone says that they "train" and just soft tosses your kid with no knowledge of what they are doing." - Bryce Ferrell, son Caideyn 8th Grade ATP '17.


What brought you to Nevers Larkin Baseball?

Can you tell me how your experience at NLB transferred tot he playing field?

What are three things that you like about NLB, or have learned at NLB that makes you better both on and off the field?

Mollet Family

Kevin Mollet is a Baseball Coach in the Edina Association that has been bringing his sons, Jackson and Cooper, to Nevers Larkin for years. This is what Mr. Mollet had to say: ​​​​​​

I needed training for my sons and spoke with many people for opinions. NLB has the best private training in the Metro. Many qualified instructors for fundamental development. 

Through camps and lessons with NLB, both of my sons gained fundamentals and knowledge of the game that resulted in higher batting average, greater pitching velocity, plus the development of a 2nd and 3rd pitch.

NLB has a variety of instructors that are experts in select positions from pitching, position players, and hitting. My kids learned to focus on incremental improvement and don't try to fix everything at once. I have been able to transfer fundamental drills to my own training sessions as a coach as well. 

Matt Hopfner

Matt just finished up his baseball career at Northwestern University as their All-Time leader in hits. Hopfner trained at NLB through lessons and camps all through elementary school and high school before attending Northwestern. Here is what he had to say about his experience with Nevers Larkin Baseball training:

I was drawn to NLB to develop my game and gain insight from instructors with ample professional and college baseball experience. 

They helped me develop essential fundamentals that were necessary for my growth in high school and college baseball. NLB augmented my tools as a young player which enabled me to evolve and strive toward my full potential. 

One of the things I enjoyed about working with NLB was the culture. The instructors were always approachable and made working hard enjoyable. I always left feeling like I gained valuable knowledge about my swing or approach. NLB also offered the opportunity to work and learn with multiple coaches in order to get different perspectives and opinions. Finally, NLB gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on and off the field. Through constant encouragement from the staff, I was able to develop the self-belief I needed to power through the mental side of baseball and also off the field challenges in school. 

John Carland

John Carland goes to Blake High School and plays for Wayzata travel baseball during the summer months. John has taken lessons with several NLB instructors and participated in our Advanced Training Program for several years. John played JV and Varsity baseball for Blake this spring as an 8th grader. This is what John had to say about NLB:

I started coming to NLB because I wanted some personal training to elevate my game past a point where I could by only using team practices. I have changed my mindset and approach when batting. I now use a more aggressive approach when batting from the work that I have done, and have been hitting for more power. I like NLB's hitting approach. I also like all the options that we have from training (camps, 1 on 1, etc). I have seen improvement from the variety of drills that I have learned in camps.

Mark and Thomas Baskfield

Thomas Baskfield just finished 9th grade at St. Thomas Academy. He plans to attend Holy Family for his sophomore year and plays summer baseball in Chanhassen. His dad Mark and him had the following to say about their experience at Nevers Larkin Baseball:

What brought you to Nevers Larkin Baseball?

A) I had heard from numerous coaches that Cass was a great hitting and pitching instructor.  A few years ago I signed up for the Elite Throwing Program and saw my velocity and form improve. This past winter, we decided to sign up for the private hitting and pitching instruction, with Cass, for more of a one on one approach with more focused instruction.

Can you tell me how your experience at NLB transferred to the playing field?

A) Cass made some real subtle changes to my 15 year old son’s swing and stance, and it has made a tremendous difference. The result is added power and an improved ability to make contact with the fastest of the fast balls as well as all off speed pitches. His winter training really prepared him for High School and summer tryouts, as well as translated into more hits, RBI’s and quality at bats.

What are three things that you like about NLB, or have learned at NLB that makes you better both on and off the field?

A) I like Cass’s approach to instruction. He has obviously worked hard to refine his instruction and is not afraid to try new things.

I can see that Cass is passionate about making kids better baseball players. He gets genuinely excited when he and the player see everything that they have been working on come together. There have been numerous times where my son has looked over at me and said, “Wow, that was awesome!” At the same time Cass usually has a huge smile on his face as well. He really loves to see the transformation in his players.

Finally, from what I see from Cass and all the NLB instructors, they are all focused on maximizing the time during the lesson. There is very little down time for the player, and the ROI is great.