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June 27-30 Pasttime Great Lakes All Prospects Select - Twin Cities

July 12-15 Perfect Game Midwest Invitational - Marion, IA (Cedar Rapids)

July 18-21 Sioux Falls, SD Tournament - Recently Cancelled
- After working with local clubs to try to make the SD weekend happen, we've decided to replace it with another tournament ASAP.

- More info very soon, please cancel Sioux Falls hotel reservations.

Lucas Anderson
John Carland
Matthew Evans
Caideyn Ferrell
Evan Hammonds
Cameron Hammonds
Drew Hedtke
Peter Johnson
Matt Kitzman
Matthew Kulesa
AJ Louie
Dan McCoy
Jobe Monroe
Ray Rosenstein
John Watkins
Jack Widdifield
Coaches: Gene Larkin, Wes Satzinger, Dave Robins


One 15u/16u Team
Player Development
2-3 Practices Per Week
5 Midwest Tournaments
Unlimited Facility Access

College Recruiting Resources
Cost $2,000
(Pitcher Only $1,000)
(Covers Uniforms, Tournaments, Hotels)


NLB Apparel

We have additional NLB attire for both players and parents to purchase!

Summer Coaches

Dave Robins

Gene Larkin

Wes Satzinger

Player Development

Bat Speed
Players who participate will go through the Bat Speed program designed by Coach Robins.  This program is designed to help the hitter become more efficient and aware of proper body sequencing.  This will enhance their exit velocity and create a more consistent bat path. 



Outdoor practices will be led by Gene Larkin.  All of Larkin's practices are up tempo and constructed to challenge each player.  Fielding, throwing, and defensive situations are stressed during these training sessions - fully committed to player development.



Arm Care
Players will also go through our throwing program.  Long toss, plyo balls, bullpens, and scapular stabilizers will all be used to enhance both arm strength and arm health.  Kerry Ligtenberg and Grant Martinson will organize these throwing sessions.  



Augustana University - Sioux Falls, SD

Prospect Meadows - Perfect Game - Marion, IA

Siebert Field - University of Minnesota

Sioux Falls Stadium - Sioux Falls, SD

Bethel University - St Paul, MN

Woodside Sports Complex - Wisconsin Dells, WI