Winter Catching Camp

NLB offers a catching camp grouped by age. Younger plays (12 and under) are separated from the older players (13 and up). At the catching camp players can expect to be coached and drilled on many skills. Foremost will be receiving, blocking, throwing, and the footwork that goes with it. NLB has also added a classroom component to the program this year for their older players that will include: pitch calling, film of their practice sessions, video on proper technique, discussions on game situations, and other aspects of the game.


Program Starts: January 1st (for those choosing Monday for weeknight option)

Program Finishes: March 9th

It is a 2x week program for ten weeks. Twenty sessions in total.

13u and Older Signup Options

Pick one weeknight between Monday or Wednesday

Mondays: 8-9pm

Wednesdays: 6-7pm

-Everyone goes to Saturday 9-10:30am

12u and Under Signup Options

Pick one weeknight between Monday or Wednesday

Mondays: 7-8pm

Wednesdays: 5-6pm

-Everyone goes to Saturday 8-9am

What am I getting?

--- Access to coaches with a specific passion for catching and working with catchers. Coaches leading this program have taught catchers at the high school and collegiate level.

--- You will receive a pre-test and post-test on pop times to second base.

--- A strong player to coach ratio ensuring reps/as well as time for quality instruction.

13u and Older Cost

For Sr. Winter Club participants $500

For non Sr. Winter Club participants $700

12u and Under Cost

For Jr. Winter Club participants $400

For non Jr. Winter Club participants $600

  • Reminder that all players receive 15% of registrations if they have an NLB membership

Frequently Asked Questions

---How many sessions per week is this?

It is two sessions per week. Twenty sessions total. Parents choose a single weeknight option and everyone goes to their age groups Saturday morning session.

---Has anything changed this year from last?

NLB has added a second session on Wednesday nights to further help separate by age. NLB has also added a classroom component for their older players. We feel this is needed and will help many of our catchers realize the importance of the position and the potential they have much quicker.

---How flexible is it for a makeup if I need to miss a session?

We are typically very flexible with makeups. It is hard to makeup the Saturday session but if you need to miss a Monday or a Wednesday we should be able to accommodate that as long as you communicate beforehand.

---If Saturdays don't work can I just go to the two weeknight sessions?

This may be worked out by arrangement but the player would be missing the throwing portion of the program (we throw on Saturdays when we have the whole facility for catchers). The older players would also miss the classroom portion which we are stressing a very strong addition to the program. We would recommend this only be in the case of missing a weekend or two as opposed to your whole catching camp experience.


Peter macfarlane

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